Writing Horror Stories – A Guide to Getting Started

Writing Horror Stories - A Guide to Getting Started Who doesn’t love an intense, spine-tingling, chill-inducing horror read?  Writing horror stories may seem like a simple path to follow but you are wrong if you think it all you need is blood, gore, and zombies to...


The artist James McNeill Whistler spent years trying to capture the essence of his mother for his most famous work of art - not to create a masterpiece - but to save his mother from possession by the Baba Yaga, an evil Russian witch.

Best Horror Podcasts of 2020

Over at Vurbl, a look at some of the best horror podcasts out there--including, but hardly limited to, No Sleep, Tales to Terrify, and The Wicked Library. Check it out here! https://vurbl.com/article/11-horror-podcasts-of-2020-that-will-put-your-brain-on-high-alert/

Short Film: FRY DAY

On the night before serial killer Ted Bundy’s execution, a Florida teenager is taken for a ride. A statement from director Laura Moss about the inspiration behind FRY DAY: "I love horror, although not all horror loves me back. As a teenager I was attracted to movies...

Short Film: POLAROID

A mysterious package arrives at an unsuspecting home. Curiosity turns deadly, as the person who opens the box finds a Polaroid camera, and snaps a photograph. As they quickly discover, taking that photo was a fatal mistake. Some time after, a new victim is chosen with...

Movie Review: KILLER SOFA

Killer Sofa Bernie Rao, Director High Octane Pictures, 2019 Reviewed by Elaine Pascale Until last weekend, I was unaware of how much I needed Killer Sofa in my life. The Amazon blurb reads as thus: “When a killer Lazy Boy chair falls in love with a girl, it’s up to a...

Read Wins Stoker for First Novel

Read Wins Stoker for First Novel

We're thrilled to announce that Sarah Read's debut, The Bone Weaver's Orchard (Trepidatio) has won the 2019 Bram Stoker Award® for Superior Achievement in a First Novel! Congratulations to Sarah for this well-deserved honor. Sarah's reading from The Bone Weaver's...

Short Film: REBOOTED

It’s not easy for a movie star to age - especially when you’re a stop-motion animated skeleton monster. Phil, once a terrifying villain of the silver screen, struggles to find work in modern Hollywood due to being an out-of-date special effect.

Streaming Now: THE ANGRY MAN

Outtake Productions, the team that brought you multiple scares with their award winning web series, OR SO THE STORY GOES, now brings to life the first of their haunting short films with THE ANGRY MAN. The female-written & directed THE ANGRY MAN is now available...


Crestwood Lake is a secluded town in northern Vermont, spawned from the
Salem Witch Trials. In a saga spanning four hundred years and two
continents, Satan and his coven of witches are determined to reclaim the
tortured community and establish a Hell on Earth.   markvogel.info

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