Ten WORST Things to do During a Zombie Outbreak

I ran across this article over at ZombiePhiles recently and felt that you would all appreciate it! It’s a great top 10 list on what to avoid at all costs during a Zombie Outbreak, and you should be able to tell by #10 that it’s going to be an entertaining read!

10) Don’t set zombies on fire. Burning zombies smell terrible.
We’re not sure why you see it in every zombie movie, but it stands to reason that the only thing worse than a zombie is a flaming zombie. Remember, it can take a long time for a zombie to burn to death – more than ten minutes, in some recorded cases. Do you really want a burning zombie lighting you and your friends on fire? Play it safe – chances are good that there won’t be any fire-fighting infrastructure during a zombie outbreak if things get out of hand.

Click on through to head to the ZombiePhiles site for the full article, and a few good laughs.