This has to be the strangest TV show….

Honestly I can’t decide if I should keep laughing at how funny this was or complain that they were probably scarring the children in it for life. Fortunately for the children they didn’t get eaten and turned into lifeless husks attempting to eat the brains of those they went to school with. Instead this “zombie attack” was used as a team building exercise that got the children to work together and become more confident in themselves! Which will work great until a real zombie outbreak will happen and they assume the zombies are as weak as the actor they fought against. Let’s be realistic too, the zombie outbreak is obviously going to happen first in Japan. They always get the short end of the stick on all of the movies they make so clearly they know that Armageddon is going to start there and WE know it will be due to a zombie apocalypse. Those poor, unsuspecting children.