The Zombie Mommie

You’ve seen ’em. They come out of theme parks late in the day. They come out of malls, fast food restaurants and parks. You might be one or know one … A ZOMBIE MOMMIE!

Their brains are fried, replaced with 100% new polyester fiberfill. Their eyes are blank and glazed like buttons. Their skin is an strange color like cotton muslin hand dyed in boiling hot water using organic dye. Hair like yarn, poking up and around their brainless heads. They are over the edge, gone around the bend yet still soft and kinda cuddly.

ZOMBIE MOMMIES are not for children. I’ve savagely stitched them but the little zombie makers can still work their evil ways on eyes and “pets”, so keep your ZOMBIE MOMMIE away from the ankle biters!

I’ve created my dolls from all new materials. Each ZOMBIE MOMMIE is approximately 24″ tall. NO TWO ARE ALIKE!!! Because no real mommy is like any other mommy. All dolls will come with an individualized toe tag, a glass bottle of “brainz” (actually natural sea sponge), and a pet snake.

Really how am I supposed to top that description? I mean.. usually I’ll try to insert some kind of a comment or witty remark or.. anything. That’s just great! The perfect description of some of the undead, zombie or stuffed!

Available at Nitebyrd’s Nest.