REVIEW: Pop Punk Zombies

What more can somebody want but to listen to rock and roll and watch a zombie movie, well in the film Pop Punk Zombies this is half true. The film is about a big shot music producer who raises the dead in hopes to start the first zombie rock band. However, this causes controversy and an anti-zombie work group decides to unchain the zombies and let them be free. Now, with the building closed off, a group of survivors must save themselves from certain death but these are not your typical survivors and they must learn to survive themselves. I liked this movie but at the same time I found it stripped of logic and I found the script very flawed.

Before I start, I welcome the idea of civilizing zombies and it can be done. Films like Fido and Day of the Dead did great jobs doing so and if you make a movie that has them playing electric guitars, more power to you. However, the one problem that I foresee is the transition from being a mindless zombie to a rock star. Before the show they are slouching over, growling and howling and then out of nowhere they straighten up and develop amazing singing voices. I really wish they made the transition a little more fluid and gradual.

The one biggest problem that I had with this film was the logic and the somewhat flawed script. We all know how zombies act when they are not controlled and when they are let free, so why does the anti-zombie work group think that by freeing them would benefit everybody? If they really wanted to stop the zombie takeover and if they really want to let the zombies free, wouldn’t they kill them? It’s something that really boggled my mind and me double think that logic. With that said, there are several flawed reasons behind why a zombie rock band would work and why a zombie rock band would open the door to a zombie work force. It doesn’t really make any sense.

I found that this movie has some strikingly similar ideas and actions that mirror Day of the Dead. You can argue that the music producer is like an eviler version of Dr. Logan and that the zombie band is like Bub, only you don’t really feel sorry for them. The group is trapped in a building while zombies are let loose and they must try to find their way out but also, they must deal with one another since most of them have different moral values than the others. It’s just like Day of the Dead or Quarantine. I’m not saying they copied them, I think its more or less an inspiration.

You’re probably wondering if I actually liked this movie, and I have to say that I did. I enjoyed the idea behind a zombie rock band and think it’s a cool concept to play around with. I really enjoyed the gore since those were the best parts. The characters were somewhat lovable, although at times they seemed a bit stale. I really enjoyed the makeup, even though it’s not your typical zombie makeup it still worked. I do recommend this movie to zombie fans however, I think you should just go into thinking that it’s going to be a fun popcorn movies. Enjoy the action, and enjoy the gore but try not to pay attention to the logic. In the end, all the zombies wanted to do is rock all night and party every day.