Booster Pants Zombie Shirts

At Buy Zombie we ALWAYS love showing off independent zombie shirts that are available to the masses (such as those by Above The Pants. While we’ve been doing a decent job at trying to keep you up to date with the latest zombies clothes you can buy online there are so many distributors we of course can’t find ALL of them. (Or… can we…)

This being the case we’ve found a shirt company that loves putting out zombie shirts that we’ve completely missed until now! Booster Pants is a new (for us) shirt company that we wanted to show you now that we’ve seen them. They have a great style and their use of typography in a few of their zombie shirts just looks amazing!

Behind The Scenes At Booster Pants

We sat down and did a brief interview with Matt Peppler of Booster Pants to give you an idea of what inspires them to bring you the undead on shirts!

BZ: What Inspired you to create zombie themed apparel?

Matt: I have been designing shirts for a very long time because it is something that I love to do and I have been a huge fan of George A. Romero movies since I was able to watch them so I have always been a fan. I wanted to create clothing around what I love, whatever it may be it is not just narrowed to zombies, however it seems that the only thing on my brain right now is zombie shirts. What I find interesting is how the idea of a zombie has permeated our pop culture in such significant ways. The first two that I created for my store were “I Heart Shooting Zombies” and “Zombies Just Need Hugs”. These two shirts went over great with customers. For a while those were the only two that I had created and it was several months before I came back to the zombie theme. At the time I did not want my store to just be about zombies and I went away from it. Two months ago I had some more ideas for more shirts, and one idea led to the other and then another. It kept going but this time I decided to act on the ideas that I have been getting. I don’t know when these ideas will run its course, but I don’t see a slow down anytime in the near future.

BZ: Which of the shirts that you have put out is your favorite and why?

Matt: My favorite zombie shirts that I have created are the “rules” shirts which I titled “Hurry!” parts one and two. One night about a month ago, I was driving over to a
friends house, and then it hit me. People in the movies and video games who survive a zombie horde or attack have rules, if they follow the rules they will survive. From that initial idea spawned a huge brainstorm during the ride. When I arrived my first words to my friend were not “hello” or anything, I told him that I need a pen and some paper. Then for about thirty minutes we had a hilarious conversation about rules and what to do. Some reference movies and revolve around some awesome moments in video games. One that I am working on right now references a Left for Dead map. They are my favorite because of the text design that came from it. It was a constant work in progress, and I kept adding more and more elements so it was not just text. I think that end result for those two shirts is very interesting and people who see these designs become interested in it because people want to read what it says.

BZ: What is your favorite zombie movie?

Matt: The original Dawn of the Dead movie by Romero. It is such an epic movie and so many zombie stories steal from it all the time! This movie paved the way for what is done today, not to mention that Tom Savini’s special effect work for this one is amazing.

BZ: What is your favorite zombie book?

Matt: One of the better zombie books had to be World War Z by Max Brooks. It is so serious about a zombie apocalypse! Everything that occurred in that book was a logical response to what could happen. From the initial outbreak, how easily it could spread, and the destruction of a useful military. How he wrote it too was impressive because the narrative was from several accounts from different perspectives of the greater event. It was all chaos!

BZ: If you had to pick 3 celebrities to be stuck with during a zombie
outbreak who would they be and why?

Matt: Conan O’Brien would be great to have along with me! He would be able to keep the morale high with his comedy and ability to make everyone laugh at the inappropriate. Hunter S. Thompson(if he were still alive) because he already enjoys shooting guns and now he could actually have targets instead of firing madly at nothing. He could also write the best damn account of what has happened, but it might not all be true because of his astronomical drug habits, however it would be the most interesting literature based on the zombie apocalypse ever. The last person that I would have bring along is Scarlett Johansson just for the extra eye candy.

BZ: Do you have a zombie escape plan? If so what is it?

Matt: Get guns. Get Ammo. Get weapons that do not require ammo like a sword. Something that has a sharp blade and can cut through just about anything. Team up with other survivors that share my goals and can take care of themselves. Escape the city and find an area that has resources and a low population, like a farm. Clear the area of undead. Set up shop and defend it from zombies and people who want what I have and try to take it by force. Try to live a normal life.

BZ: What is your favorite zombie shirt from another company?


I found this shirt one day when I was searching for what others have created out there. What I love about this one is all the references to other zombie movies that are on the shirt. All the great ones have their place on it and the illustrative quality is fantastic!

Zombie Shirts For The Masses

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You can pick up the shirts over at the Official Booster Pants Website as well as follow Booster Pants on Facebook or Booster Pants on Twitter for updates!