Trailer for The Zombie Code

Delving into a world where the living dead really do walk the earth, this exploration turns the myth of zombies into a frightening—and hilarious—reality. Whether in an alternate universe or 100 years into the future, this entertaining examination predicts that the invasion of the undead will indeed happen, putting everyone at risk of either knowing a zombie or becoming one. Instead of creating an apartheid society of living and undead, this far-out study suggests that the future human race integrate themselves with zombies, simply accepting the inevitable loss of life in the long run. Revealing a unique take on zombie acculturation, this consideration introduces zombie magazines, zombie yoga poses, and even recipes for brain casserole—including the stealthiest ways to get to that elusive human cranial meat. Concluding with a Zombie IQ test to determine one’s future as a member of the undead and an extensive dictionary of words defined in a zombie context, this is an uproarious look at what life would be like in a zombie’s shoes.

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