Emergence Episode 1 – The Serum Officially Released

With The Walking Dead only 6 weeks long and closing in on it’s end if you need something else to wet your appetite there is a new web series that was just released whose first episode looks as if it could prove to be a fun show. Where there isn’t “too much” zombie action in the first episode they do a decent job at laying the groundwork of who are main characters clearly are. It’ll be a fun couple of months with the series slowly showing off it’s first season (and unlike The Walking Dead we’ll get quite a few episodes in, sure they are 12 minutes compared to an hour but who are we all to complain about free zombie episodes!)

Emergence: Episodes follows Zach Brockavitch, a college student, who is thrown into a nightmare he never expected to be be in. Scientists have made a serum that brings the dead back to life but a secret organization sabotages the project to turn the dead into flesh craving zombies. Now Zach and a group of survivors try to survive and figure out what turned their home into a living hell.

“The Serum” introduces the viewer into the world that Zach is in and quite rapidly shows the aftermath of the long-awaited “life serum.”

The episodes will be released once every week until Dec 18th in which we will take a one week hiatus before releasing the second half of the series every two weeks with special bonus content in between.

Interested in following the show? Make sure to follow the Emergence Website for more details!