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Stills And Information From The Zombie Invasion Of The Civil War Film – Exit Humanity

I’m just a little excited to help show off what Foresight Features has coming out soon. We’ve seen zombies in space, zombies in the wild west, and even zombie Nazis. I believe that this is the first time (on the big screen) that we’ll be able to see zombies in the Civin War!

Written and directed by John Geddes its going to star Dee Wallace, Bill Moseley, and Stephen McHattie who you ‘may’ have seen before and three newcomers: Mark Gibson, Adam Seybold and Jordan Hayes. The film is in post production so we should have some real information and possibly a trailer soon for you to see!

Official Press Release:

Exit Humanity – History Violently Repeats Itself Collingwood, Ontario Canada – September 24, 2010 – From the makers of indie horror shocker Scarce, and the upcoming 2011 release Monster Brawl, comes a dark and dramatic saga of the undead, Exit Humanity.

The film depicts a civil war era setting where a mysterious outbreak occurs and the undead overrun the countryside. Starring genre icons Bill Moseley (Devil’s Rejects and Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2), Dee Wallace (ET and Cujo), and new comer Mark Gibson – Exit Humanity promises to bring a whole new depth and dynamic to the classic Zombie film. Exit Humanity is currently in pre-production with principal photography starting on October 18th with the majority of the film being shot north of the greater Toronto area.

Foresight Features plans to produce ten films over the next five years focusing their productions outside of the GTA. Exit Humanity director John Geddes said, “I wanted to bring something new to the zombie genre that I grew up watching.” Exit Humanity was also written by Geddes and will also be ready for release across the world in 2011.

Full service indie production company Foresight Features is producing Exit Humanity with plans to produce two features annually for the next five years. Their first feature Monster Brawl that was also shot in the Collingwood area wrapped up at the end of August.

If you want to follow the film’s status as it’s updated be sure to Like Exit Humanity’s Official Facebook Page