Zombie Park Zoo EARLY Gameplay Trailer And Information

There is a site called The Z that allows college students to enter design games to win fortune and fame (or something along those lines.) Of the current games being produced is a little PC game that looks as if it could prove entertaining when it hits completion.

The Team’s and Game’s Bio:

Team ZPZs current project is an Arcade-Style 3rd Person Wave Defense Shooter called Zombie Park Zoo. The three of us share a passion for video games and we are extremely excited to be working on our first project. We want to deliver a game to the public that we thought was fun and enjoyable.

It’s still in early demo format but it’s pretty clear on the idea of where they are going with for this one so hopefully we’ll be able to let you know about a final product that actually gets released down the line!

You can follow the game’s progress at Team ZPZ’s Website.