REVIEW: Zombeer

If you love beer, maybe you shouldn’t work in a brewery. Head brewmaster Herman values his lager more than his life. During one of his drunken sprees he topples over into a beer kettle. An event that will prove to have strange effects on his colleagues, a group of Japanese tourists and eventually: the typical Dutch tradition of Queen’s Day.”

So what do you get when you have zombies and beer? You get Zombeer. A nice blend of infected, diseased, greasy zombies and a nice, cold, frothy, amber beer. Zombeer is a very simple movie that was handled very well. Essentially, an alcoholic brew master falls into a vat of beer after he was sentenced to work the night shift during one of his benders. However, there is a specific ingredient within the beer that turns anybody who drinks it into zombies. After the brew master dies and becomes re-animated… the brewing company isn’t the only place that is in endangered of becoming a home to the walking dead. I guess the new line of beer really does have quite a bite.

As I said before, this film is very well made and the direction as a keen knowledge of how filmmaking works especially since it’s such a small movie. Everything from the lighting to the sound design was carefully handled save for a few loud moments but hey… that’s what a scare tactic is. As for the zombies, though you rarely see a steady shot of any zombie, the makeup design was very grotesque. When the brew master came out of the boiling tank of beer his skin was melted and rotting off. He looked like Freddy Krueger. You can imagine that if the zombie makeup was good, the gore was also pretty good even though there isn’t too much of it. But what I think is the best part is the photography/cinematography. The close ups, the angles, the wide angles…of which made me really thirsty for a beer.

If you are in for a damn fine zombie short reminiscent of 28 Days Later, watch the movie. It’s a fun little movie that could make a pretty good feature if given the resources. I think there is a lot to be played with here and I really hope to see more from this studio and director. They seem to really know what they are doing.

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