TRAILER: Nazi Werewolf Zombie Inferno

Warning: The description for this one is REALLY long since they are still selling the idea to get a budget. Still all you really have to know is it will end up with nazi zombie werewolf creatures most likely being killed and you really just can’t go wrong there. You just can’t.

Our contemporary story concerns itself with COLONEL KIRK TAYLOR, 36 – A.K.A ‘DOG’ – and his team of MERCENARIES as they desperately fight for survival in an underground WW2 Nazi bunker.

As our tale gets under way, we find Dog to be an ex British soldier who, following his dismissal from The Army, now leads a small band of battle hardened mercenaries.

Taylor’s team consists of:

SUZIE Q – sexy, tough, both she and Dog have an attraction for each other.

SLASH – a tough American, his face sports a series of deep and unpleasant scars from his years in combat.

JEZ – expert in electronics.

PALMER – clever, the team’s strategist and an expert on military history.

MILLS – tough, but sometimes given to outbursts of panic when faced with adversity.

STONE – thug, a gun for hire.

Dog is approached one afternoon by a sinister DOCTOR GELEMEN, a middle-aged German scientist who claims to know the secret location of a massive stash of Nazi gold bullion buried in a bunker somewhere in the remote Austrian Alps.

Gelemen explains that he has recently acquired the coded journal of a long dead former Gestapo Officer that details the bunker’s location, and that in return for his safe passage to and from the site, Dog and his team will receive an equal share in the plunder.

Dog puts the proposition to his squad, who all vote unanimously to undertake the venture, and subsequently 36 hours later we find Dog and his squad battling their way through the elements as they close in on the abandoned Nazi bunker.

Having gained access to the underground complex through a secret entrance detailed in Gelemen’s journal, the mercenaries discover the corpse of none-other than JOSEF MENGELE, the infamous evil ‘Angel of Death’, notorious for his appalling experiments with human DNA extracted from the prisoners at Auschwitz Concentration Camp.

Mengele, it is revealed, has clearly been executed decades ago by the Gestapo as, for reasons yet unknown, the Nazi secret police terminated his project, here.

Later, having torn the complex apart as they look for the Nazi treasure, Dog and his team find only a few bars of Silver Bullion, and little of the lucrative haul promised to them…

However they do discover a massive stash of weapons.

Palmer now comes into his own, explaining that he believes the complex to be a part of a secret operation code-named WEREWOLF, a desperate plan implemented at the close of the war by senior Nazis in order to carry on hostilities by like-minded individuals following the fall of The Third Reich.

Later however, having located Mengele’s laboratory, Taylor and his team now discover the real purpose behind Operation Werewolf…

And as the group of mercenaries take in the sight of the lifeless, hideous CREATURE suspended in formaldehyde, Gelemen is forced to reveal all.

He confesses that he is, in fact, the son of the long dead doctor, however he shares none of his father’s evil intentions, explaining that it has been his life’s work to try and contain that which his father attempted to set in motion during the last weeks of WW2…

A project that, according to the recently acquired journal, was so terrifying in concept that even the Nazis were afraid of its consequences, and subsequently they killed Mengele and sealed the complex.

Gelemen further explains that his father genetically cloned a single cell from a human, and that together with the DNA of a WOLF, he succeeded in creating the ultimate fighting machine. Part man, part animal, a creature that is virtually indestructible…

A Nazi Werewolf Zombie…

And that an army of these creatures are hidden somewhere within the complex, awaiting a call to arms. A call that will eventually destroy the Earth.

There then follows a desperate fight for survival as Dog and his team battle the SS Wolfman / Zombies and attempt to escape the terrors of this underground hell.

You can follow the film’s progress on the Official Website (note: I linked to a sub-page so you don’t have music playing when the page loads.)