HUMOR: Will It Kill A Zombie?

I would love to see this concept be a monthly online web series. Seriously the idea alone could make it classic (sure it’s a rip off of Will It Blend or any other number of sites but, it’s got zombies so screw all of the rest of them!) The idea here would be a great stand alone site or hell a great monthly addition to BZ. Any eager film makers with too much free time every month want to join the Buy Zombie staff to make something along these lines? Make sure to drop us a line!

Zombie movies… are they full of it, or will your average handheld weapon really crack open a human skull?
Well, we don’t have the money to buy human skulls, so we decided to test out a bunch of tools and household items on the next best thing, coconuts! Take a look at our video and see what weapons will and won’t… kill a zombie.