Zombie Day Trailers

Talk about as indie as you get. We have a group of kids making a zombie film with almost no money and having ninjas fight them. I’m 100% sure this will be painful to watch. However as I type that I’m reminded of a certain film called Pathogen by a young woman (12 years old) which was one of the better plots in a zombie film I’ve seen in years. Sure the acting wasn’t top notch and the budget was restricted but it was fun to watch and knowing that a 12 year old made it makes it an absolute miracle.

So before I go ahead and straight out bash this I’m going to see I want to see what a bunch of middle schoolers can come up with. I just hope they take the time to watch the documentary about the making of Pathogen to get some ideas: Zombie Girl

More or less, this is a movie being put together by a band of Middle Schoolers and a very restricted budget. The main plot fueling, “Zombie Day,” is that Anacortes has been invaded by Zombies. Oh no! Unfortunately we can not fight them off using our wimpy firearms. Thus, we have the brilliant thought of hiring ninjas, the ghostbusters, the mythbusters and a panoply of other famed heros. Who will win? Zombies or Ninjas? Enjoy.