REVIEW: Morbid

A man wielding a machine gun is on a persistent hunt to find his love one while searching in an abandoned zombie-infested hospital. Though the story seems like something that we’ve all seen, and we have, the movie accomplishes a great sense of atmosphere, suspense and aesthetics. The picture has that old, brown, gloomy tint to it that makes you understand that something really bad has happened at this hospital. Behind every door lies something different and it was a treat to see what door led to what, had that been the entire movie, I wish it were longer so that we could see more zombie surprises. Now, in terms of aesthetics, I guess what really won me over was when our fearless hero finds the body in the hospital room. Just the way the lamp was tilted, and flickering and how the sheets covered up the mess were just beautifully laid out.

My only beef, and this serves as critique, is that some of the lights (lighting) seemed as though they were studio lights and what I mean by that is this: a couple scenes had big blotches of lights on the walls and doors, making it seem obvious. By putting a mesh or a piece of heat resistant paper, you can douse the light blotch but still make it look bright. Otherwise, technically speaking, it was a fantastic film.

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