After their parents are killed in the zombie apocalypse, a trio of kids battles for survival.
DEAD ON FILM 2010 Zombie Short Film Competition
Rio Theatre, Vancouver, Canada

This is short is exactly what the description promises. After their mom shoots her zombie husband, then shoots herself, the kids in the house take it upon themselves to become the heroes and fend of the hoards of zombies. It’s a very simple but effective plot with a great twist at the end.

What’s so appealing, besides the wonderful talent, is the photography. It starts off so stylized yet beautifully colored to give it that picturesque suburban feel to the story. Then, once things get down and gory it turns to a wonderful array of yellows, oranges and reds. However, the film’s strongest point is that it is told from the perspective of the kids, therefore it’s very fast past and there isn’t really any explanation. When the kids decide to use the gun it’s done so in a “hell yeah we get to use a gun” manner, as if they find joy in using real weapons. Also, once the kids transform into the heroes, it reminded me when I use to dress up and act like the kid version of Indiana Jones. The film effectively captures the creative essence and innocents of youth and it’s just one more reason to give it a watch.

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