In Nashville, TN on April 23rd 2011? Promocalypse

Another year comes and another year of fun filled zombie events are going on that we’d like to tell you about! This week, and quite literally this week, is the Promocalypse! I honestly wish I had more of a chance to tell you about this one as it sounds like a blast but we didn’t get an e-mail on it this year and it totally slipped my mind until someone commented on last year’s post!


It’s a prom! Dancing, DJs, balloons, streamers, the works. The only difference is that you don’t have to sneak out to the parking lot to drink (as long as you’re 21 & up). Oh, and the zombies. Cities across the world have hosted Zombie Walks, Zombie Crawls, and Zombie Proms. It’s your chance to get creative with makeup and costume to become a zombie for one night, and join the horde of the walking dead to terrorize the living. The fun starts in Nashville’s Cannery Ballroom at 9pm, Saturday April 23rd.

Do I Have To Be A Zombie To Come?

No! Living humans are welcome. If you are a zombie dating a human, or a human dating a zombie, or a human looking for a zombie to complete (and/or eat) you, come and dance the night away! (18+ to party, 21+ to drink, of course.)

If that sounds like something right up your alley you should check out the official Promocalypse for all of the details!