Zombie Apocalypse Mobile Pre-Trailer

Here’s a fun looking Zombie Apocalypse game that looks to be coming out later this year if all goes as planned. It mixes GPS, real world interaction, zombies, and overall fun. Well hopefully at least. We’ll have more info for you later this year and most likely a final trailer as well.

The Zombie Apocalypse has struck. Dead roam the streets. Society has collapsed. Your real life location drives your movement in our apocalypse consumed world as you try to survive against an array of monsters. Zombie Apocalypse Mobile aims to bring the social experience of massive multiplayer gaming onto mobile devices in a new way!

Nearly complete, this game offers some never before seen gaming dynamics. My goal is ultimately to get gamers out of the house and involved in the real world once again. I’ve designed a few uniqe elements to create this environment. First of all, players must be within several city blocks proximity in order to initiate combat between players. Player combat being a good thing in the game- one would have to move throughout the day in order to find new players to kill. Secondly, monster locations are split up across the United States. This means players on different coasts will have different challenges and rewards.

The primary infastructure for the game is already in place and we’re nearly ready to launch. We need more time to finish finding bugs and cleaning up the animations. Donations will go to pay our precious programmers. Thank you!

You can follow the progress on the game at Zombie Apocalypse Mobile’s Website