Review: HUMAgeddon

KnightWatch Press was kind enough to send over the preview issue of HUMAgeddon, a post apocalytpic zombie comic that was written by Robert Butt and illustrated by Scott Twells. It’s their first foray into publishing and it looks to be a great start!

We get an end of the world scenario where the zombies have taken over and the undead rule the land. They literally rule the last as zombies in this world are intelligent and hate the living that they once were.

We’re actually introduced to the setup by following a family of the undead and how the humans who have come to take back their land are going on a killing rampage to regain it. It’s a different take on things (and one only doable with intelligent zombies) and could show a lot of promise. I wasn’t fully sold on the plot right off the bat (of course it’s rare I’m sold on a comic in the first issue) as the zombies seem overly offended that humans are taking their land back.

The artwork done by Scott Twells is fitting to the feel of the comic and really carries the theme well. For anything zombie themed if it’s too cartoony and not humorous it can be a painful read but this has just enough realism mixed with the style to flow perfectly.

We’re clearly going to be seeing both the zombies and human viewpoints in this series with an emphasis on how the undead are running the world that they’ve stolen (at least according to the first issue.) How will this all play out with humans acting like a mass of flesh eating zombies swarming the undead but using weapons instead of teeth and claws? I have a feeling we’re going to be be exposed to a few of the darker sides of humanity in this one though on the flip side it’s humanity just trying to take back what they believe is rightfully theirs.

I’m always overly cautious on intelligent zombies but the concept on this series appears solid. I’m looking forward to seeing how this world will shape up and where the plot will lead us. The first mini-series is set to debut later this year and this is a great introduction on giving us an idea of the role reversals that will be prominent within the world itself.

The first issue of HUMAgeddon is available at Indy Planet.