Review: Through the Eyes of the Undead


Ever want to know what it is like to be a zombie? See what a zombie sees? Feel what a zombie feels? The stories in this anthology show you there’s more to being a zombie than just the overpowering urge to eat people, granted it’s not much more, but let the fascinating tales of zombieness ensue…


Ladies and Gentlemen, children of all ages, and whoever those descriptions may not apply to, it is my great honor and pleasure to introduce a living legend (so to speak). Sitting down for his first interview in years, is Bub, zombie star of “Day of the Dead”. Bub, thanks for joining us today.

Bub- No problem. Thanks for having me.

You’re looking good!

Bub- Thanks. I just joined this new health club that opened up just down the street from my condo. Let me tell you, the hot yoga will just melt the years off.

I have to admit, Bub, that you are a lot more well-spoken and coherent than most zombies I’ve met. To what do you attribute your clarity?

Bub- That’s a misnomer, Chip. Most zombies, or as we prefer to call ourselves, the “living-deficient”, can speak and think and reason just like our living counterparts. Quite honestly, the notion of the mindless, shambling ghoul is a myth we need to get rid of.


Bub- A complete myth, fabricated by Hollywood. Zombies have been getting a bad rap for years. Granted, the vast majority wants nothing more than to tear your flesh from your bones and floss with your soft innards, but there’s a new movement gaining momentum, where we are trying to get the word out that Zombies can feel, reason, calculate, and on the rare occasion, run for public office.

Which brings me to the book, THROUGH THE EYES OF THE UNDEAD. What is it about this book that makes it a must read?

Bub- Well, it’s important for people to know how hurtful it is to assume all zombies just want to eat you. There is more to being a zombie than just human fast food. Most zombies live fairly normal lives. We work, pay taxes, and are functional members of society. Most zombies I know really came into their own once they died. Fido from the movie “Fido”, Big Daddy from “Land of the Dead”, Snooki, they all went on to live meaningful and productive lives.

But about the book? What does the book tell us about the zombie condition?

Bub- The stories inside THROUGH THE EYES OF THE UNDEAD take you inside the mind of a zombie. You’ll see what being part of the living dead really entails. Some of the stories involve cognizant zombies, like me. John McCuaig’s THE HUNT is a good example of this. Martin Rose’s DEAD MAN’S KISS is a film noir style revenge thriller. My favorite story is ZOMBIES ANONYMOUS by Rob Rosen. Trust me, I’ve been to my share of ZA meetings. This story is totally spot on. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you might vomit, but above all, I hope you’ll learn something.

Anything in the book we need to be concerned about?

Bub- Well, honestly, like any anthology, some of the stories are stronger than others. For the most part though, this is an entertaining read. Authors like Timothy W. Long, Stephanie Kincaid and Carl Hose contributed stories, among others.

Anything you want to say to the millions upon millions of rabid die-hard fans who will be reading this?

Bub- Buy this book. My zombie brothers and sisters will thank you. And next time you find yourself being chased by a ravenous member of the living-deficient, just remember they are probably just as conflicted about it as you are…

Thanks for the time, Bub!

Through The Eyes Of The Undead is available at Amazon.