Zombie Hood August Update

Steve, the man with the plan when it comes to Zombie Hood, was kind enough to once again let us know how progress is going on his film and we are of course happy to share this with you! We’re excited to see how this turns out and if you’ve been following along with all of the updates I’m sure you can fully understand why!

July saw the team heading back to the Dogma nightclub in Nottingham where we spent a couple of weekends re-filming some of the scenes that we didn’t quite get right earlier in the year. A script re-write also enabled us to save one of our actors from a gruesome death, killing off another character instead and allowing Alexandra Lyon the chance to reappear in the film at a later stage.

We’ve also re-cast for the role of Dermott with Ed Nudd successfully auditioning for the role of the police officer. Ed brings a wealth of acting experience to the film and has already shot one of his scenes, arriving on set at 5am for make-up for his final scene in the film. Although we try to shoot chronologically where possible, Ed’s final scene required a barley field that hadn’t been harvested, so while it was strange to film his last scene first, we didn’t really have a choice.

Paige Tracey also made her debut during July, filming very early in the morning in the Market Square in Nottingham. Attracting a fair bit of attention from onlookers, Paige put in a great performance as our second unit pulled off their first scene without too many issues.

There’s still plenty of work going on behind the scenes with post production being worked on after every shoot. During August we hope to start working with many of the lead actors as we head out to the forest where many of the scenes will be shot. This will also see a few more of our zombie extras being used, something I know they’re all very excited about.

We’re also discussing the possibility of holding another Zombie School in the near future, especially as the last one was so successful. If you didn’t attend the previous one, this could be your chance to impress our Zombie Producer and possibly land yourself a lead undead part in the film. More details will be announced soon, but don’t forget to register as a zombie extra by contacting [email protected]