Resident Evil: Retribution To Include Ada Wong

Well it looks like with W. S. Anderson’s return (can we really call it a return? I mean changing his mind from not doing it to doing it is that really a return?) to the Resident Evil franchise also marks some news that he is bringing back a fan favorite character from the video games.

Resident Evil 2 and 4’s Ada Wong is going to be in the movie! I believe it takes place in Japan but a Chinese secret agent investigating the Umbrella Corporation in Japan doesn’t seem like that big of a shocker.

So Alice will have at least one other trained agent helping her out while cleaning up the world in the next installment of Resident Evil. No news on the actress yet but if they are sticking pretty solidly with the games she’s going to be Chinese and leggy.

[RE info via: Shock Till You Drop, photo via: flickr.]