Zom B Off

The folks over at The ScareHouse (we mentioned their new zombie themed attraction) have put together this awesome video on Zom B Off to scare away the undead. It’s exactly what some people need to get through the day, at least temporarily to get rid of some of the zombies that horde around our lives. (If you ask me though the woman in this picture doesn’t have 3 minutes to use it.)

Don’t let another zombie apocalypse ruin your day! Because now there’s Zom B Off! http://www.scarehouse.com

The ScareHouse, one of America’s Best Haunted Houses, presents a new haunted attraction devoted to Pittsburgh’s Living Dead Legacy: PITTSBURGH ZOMBIES. Only at The ScareHouse, named as one of Amercia’s Scariest Halloween attractions by travel channel – and America’s #3 “must see” haunt by Haunted Attraction magazine.