Ex-Heroes (ebook) On Sale For 70% Off!

As a service to our readers I felt that I needed to tell you that the ebook copy of Ex-Heroes is on sale at Permuted Press for 70% off. As someone whose recently gotten back into comic books in a big way (the geek in me is out of control and warring with the horror fanatic) this book was just the perfect for hitting the sweet spot. It combines zombies with super heroes in a way that Marvel was having issues pulling off. Similiar to Marvel’s concept but so much better written!

For *one week only* through Wednesday, September 7 we’re offering Peter Clines bestselling novel *Ex-Heroes* in eBook at *70% off*! The novel features superheroes facing off against the living dead in a post-apocalyptic world and has received excellent reviews from both critics and readers (including over 100 four and five star reviews on Amazon.com!).

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