Review: Eden 3: Resurrection by: Tony Monchinski

Twenty five years after the living dead swept the globe, the zombie wars are over. Whole continents have been cleared of the undead but left uninhabited due to nuclear fallout. Humanity has begun to regain its footing in small, isolated communities scattered around the globe.

Anthony is a school teacher planning a vacation getaway with his sister, Riley, and their friends, Troi and Evan. When a stranger carrying hints of Anthony’s past walks into New Harmony, Anthony and his friends set out on a life-changing trek.

Their goal: to find the mythical Bear and his army. Their destination: the Outlands, vast stretches of ravaged territory beyond the borders of New Harmony. But the Outlands are not a safe place and the four youths are not alone in them. What starts as a journey of self-understanding quickly degenerates into a brutal struggle for survival as the friends encounter zombies, mutants, and the evil alive in their world.

I am a big fan of Tony Monchinski’s work and I was very eager to read the third instalment in the Eden series. Tony Monchinski is a very talented writer, and he constructs some of the greatest stories in modern horror. Okay, Enough praise for Tony, let’s get to this review.

Plot: This is a really strong story. The only let down was that it didn’t have many zombies in it, but I think the reason for this is because the novel was originally written a lot longer than what was published, Tony had to split the second half of the novel into a fourth instalment. In saying that, some things were left out because they are going to be in the fourth book. (Which I’m eager to read) It was more like a mutant story than it was a zombie tale, but Tony sure knows how to make it twisted as hell. The original Eden was completely Badass, Crusade was a very Dark story, but Resurrection is twisted and disturbing. The scenes with the Mutants are… I’m not quite sure how to describe it… It’s some pretty disturbing content. And when it comes to horror, Disturbing is some of the best (if not THE BEST) content there is. Trust me, when you read the Mutant part, you will never get those images out of your head. This stuff would leave psychologist’s in the corner, crying, while suckling from the Rye teat.

Tony Monchinski also adds an interesting scene in the book where Anthony is talking to his class about Utopian and Dystopian philosophy. It is actually quite an insightful scene and Tony did a great job of trying to add some wisdom to his novel, because all in all, it is a story set in a dystopian future. (depending how you look at it)

Overall: this is a kickass plot, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading this twisted, gritty and action packed story. Tony Monchinski has never disappointed me before with any of his novels and this one holds true to his record.

Writing: Tony is a powerful writer. His witty dialogue creates vivid characters, and there aren’t very many novels out there (let alone zombie novels) that can project their characters through the dialogue alone. But Tony does it flawlessly. The characters are personable, realistic and unique.

Overall: Tony Monchinski brings out another adrenaline packed instalment in the Eden series. This disturbing piece of horror will appal and horrify you. Tony has incredible potential and I can see bigger things from him, much bigger. The Eden series is the whole package: raw action, disturbingly horrific content, gritty real-world characters and deep philosophical insight, what more can you ask for?

I highly advise the Eden series to anybody, and if you are interested in a gritty Vampire story, go check out his Vampire novel “I kill Monsters: Fury”. It’s an impressive vampire novel and Tony shows us what REAL vampires are.

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Kevin Walsh is an insane and disturbed individual with an appetite for anything zombie related. He's an avid reader and reviewer of horror fiction. Between reading, reviewing and stalking the nightly streets of Prescott, Ontario, he finds time to work on his own crazy writing projects. Kevin's first zombie novel, The Way of All Flesh, will be published by Crowded Quarantine Publications on July 2nd, 2013. He welcomes anybody to contact him via facebook or email to talk about zombies, hockey (How Canadian) and the genius of padded-rooms.