Toxic Lullaby To Screen At Freakshow Film Fest in Orlando, FL on Oct 7-9 2011

We’ve shown off the trailer for this German zombie film before and were quite excited the last time around. Now we find out it’s showing on the big screen state side at the Freakshow Film Festival in Orlando, Florida on October 7-9th this year!

I think it’s being shown in celebration of me getting married on the 8th. It’s clearly just a 3 day party for that, unfortunately they got the state wrong since I clearly live by Chicago.

It’s the story of Eloise, who wakes up in a destroyed, life-threatening world after a bad drug trip. Separated from her friends, she learns to survive in a bizarre reality. The world around her is chaotic. She learns that this situation originated in a financial crisis and the following speculations about the last food recourses – and the complete destruction of the latter. In addition, the use of biological weapons spread a virus among the human species – causing them to become dangerous mutants (sleepers).

In this desperate situation, she joins a group of people, who, like her, are motivated by the longing to flee this nightmare.

If you want to find all of the information you can check out The Freakshow Film Fest’s Website!