Review: Key of Z Issue 1

From the first issue I do have to give the writers Chondra Echert and Claudio Sanchez a LOT of credit for making a great introduction to a story. Follow that up with killer artwork by Aaron Kuder to finish drawing you into the tale and this is a comic that everyone is going to want to pick up. My only complaint with the plot so far is actually on the front cover of the first issue 1/4. There are only going to be 4 issues at the start. Dammit!

We begin the introduction in New York City leading up to Christmas. Our main character has just received a custom present from his son, a harmonica. Shortly after he hears a scream outside of his window and has his wife lock the door after him in order to go out and see what had happened. What we find out later in the story is that Ewing, our lead, is going to be losing his family soon after this. We don’t know exactly when or where yet but by the time it gets to ‘present day’ they are dead and buried.

Flash forward to a New York overrun with hordes of the undead. Three “tribes” for lack of a better word have emerged. Each are in a different ballpark and each is headed by a central leader that wants to rule New York. They each have different leading styles as well. For the people, for the future, and in one case them self.

The reason it truly is a shame that it’s only four issues because this could be something that is truly epic. I’m picturing a full on film or anime of this being 2 hours long or perhaps something that would span multiple seasons.

That being said Ewing runs across someone who had run from one of the three camps, Eddie Alvarez, who wants to start anew. Edwing takes pity on him and saves him, leading him to his weapon’s cache when they accidentally run attract a horde of the undead. Edwing tells him to run and says he’ll take care of it. When Eddie runs off he pulls out the harmonica and the first chapter ends.

I’m assuming the “key” of Z is going to be the note or song “z” which will either destroy or mesmerize zombies that only Edwing can play and only on his harmonica. I have a feeling he’s going to be the deciding factor on how humanity, at least the survivors in New York, are going to go from here.