Trailer: The Zombies Are Coming To Town!

The Zombies are Coming to Town! is a clash between the punk-rock style of independent film making and the hilarity of the modern Zombie movie. The film pays homage to such classics as Night of the Living Dead and Return of the Living Dead while leeching off the gore of movies like Darkness: The Vampire Version and Zombie.

Taking place in Caribou, Maine, the local population is affected by a cloud of sinister gas leaking from a government canister on an abandoned Air Force Base. While the people picnicking near the Base are affected first, we follow a group of young people led by Moose and Brenda through the harrowing and hilarious bloodbath of a zombie invasion.

Everything changes, though, when it comes to light that this is just a movie. But how can this be just a movie when the zombies are real?

You can find out more about the film on The Zombies Are Coming To Town’s Website and their Facebook!

About Paul Skow

Paul Skow lives in the Kansas City, Missouri area and has an unhealthy obsession with zombie movies. If the zompocalypse does ever occur, he'll be one of the first to take it as a very good reason to loot liquor stores and pharmacies.