Trailer: Wisconsin Project X

In the small town of Wisconsinville, Montana a scientist, Dr. Winston, works in a lab on a new experiment. While developing a new type of preservative for the snack cake industry he creates an artificial living organism. Dr. Winston creates a humanoid from the formula. They mutate and break free from the doctor’s laboratory. Now, they have escaped the lab and into the town of Wisconsinville. Suddenly the humanoids enter the town destroying and killing everything in their path. A full out battle ensues; exploding humanoids, gun fire, coffee fire, body parts, and 80’s horror mayhem! The small town underdogs give the humanoids a brutal beating. Now, they find Dr. Winston, who insists that he can make more humanoids. And, he can make them better. Ralphie and his group of friends strongly disagree. Dr. Winston ignores the groups’ concern and heads back to his lab. Ralphie and the gang try to stop him from creating more humanoid monsters. It’s too late, he has turned into a humanoid monster and fights them. Gun shots and a bullet hit to a main gas line causes a chain reaction of danger. A giant explosion and the group just barely gets away–but is this the end of the Dr. Winston humanoid monster?

You can find out more about the film on Wisconsin Project X’s Website!

About Paul Skow

Paul Skow lives in the Kansas City, Missouri area and has an unhealthy obsession with zombie movies. If the zompocalypse does ever occur, he'll be one of the first to take it as a very good reason to loot liquor stores and pharmacies.