Thanks to How To Be A Dad we have this awesome comparison between zombies and babies. Amazingly they are VERY similar to one another. I suppose when you sit down and think about it that’s not too surprising.

A simple examination of the common attributes of babies and zombies so that a greater mastery of each may be achieved. Why, you ask? Uhhh… Okay, maybe it’s just more like one of those “why the heck not?” questions, but this is in no way intended to offend lovers of either subject.

This could very well serve as a key to understanding the one you’re kinda weak on if you’re only familiar with one of the subjects (zombie or baby) and perhaps provide, theoretically, the insight necessary to your own survival in the raising of a baby or combating an apocalyptic army of walking dead.

Oh… and they made it available as a Zombie vs Baby Shirt too!