Zombielicious is about a small group of survivors living in a small town overrun by zombies. The central group consists of Walt a rich college boy who is gay, his spoiled and self-centered sister Molly, Joey a young barley legal boy who is also gay, a retired world famous porn star named Jill and an ex-cop turned security guard who is perpetually overcompensating named Ace. The entire plot revolves around this group fighting off zombies at first but then tapers off to just sex.

Technically this would fall under “erotica” more than a zombie novel. Basically the characters spend more energy trying to (using Jill’s word) “fudge” each other. As a longtime fan of Laurell K. Hamilton, a lot of sex to drive a plot doesn’t bother me as long as it’s well written and adds emotional depth. Zombielicious starts off pretty strong with action, in both senses of the word, and gore but runs out of energy about halfway through. There seemed to be less zombies and more, I’d like to say character development, but there wasn’t much of that either, I guess drama would be accurate. As I have said before, the most important aspect of a story to me is the characters. I found the characters to be flat and really hard to care about. There was only one relationship that I felt was genuine, the relationship between Joey and Jill. Joey was one of two children Jill gave up during her career as a porn star and she just found him by chance. However this is a relationship that doesn’t require much effort in building and just occurs naturally. All the other relationships between the characters seem strained or forced and just downright antagonistic.

Considering this is a predominately gay erotica novel, it would be unfair to say that it is terrible. Once I started reading Zombielicious with the mind set of it’s basically the same as a porn movie then I had lowered expectations. It has the same shallow plot style and flat characters that exist only to play out sex scenes. It is what it is; it’s just not my cup of tea. But if you enjoy gay erotica, you might like this book.

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B.B. Lynn is waiting for the inevitable zombie apocalypse. Until then, she is an amateur writer and student majoring in Psychology. She also spends her time working for a better understanding of the Pit bull breed.