What happens when you mix a genetically modified intelligent golden retriever(Rex), a sign language speaking guerrilla(Kenji), a rough pit bull(Brutus), a corgi mutt(Buttercup), a sleepy house cat(Snowball) – then stick them all into the middle of a zombie apocalypse? Well that’s what Rob Anderson wants to find out with his writing and follow that up with some absolutely amazing art by DaFu Yu.

The story revolves around Rex, our main character. He’s a genetically modified hyper intelligent golden retriever whose entire desire is to get back to his master who is the doctor that helped make him the dog that he is today. He’s recruited the other dogs and the signing guerrilla to help him out though not everyone is at agreement on how things should happen. The Guerrilla in particular isn’t happy with the current arrangement or that he is being used as muscle to take out zombies while they try to make their way to safety and find supplies. Also Kenji was clearly sheltered, living with ‘good’ people and doesn’t understand that people can be quite as horrible as we can be.

This becomes an issue when a group of bikers ‘dognap’ the pitbull and they need to find a way to rescue him. How could the pitbull actually be in trouble with how well humans always treat animals? That’s the mindset that has to be out-argued but once he sees what humans are truly capable of there isn’t too much hesitation while they take the time to rescue their friend.

The end of the first issue leaves us to see that our band of adventurers are soon to run into another group of animals and this group might not be quite as friendly as they are.

If you love animals you’ll enjoy this book. If you love zombie themed worlds you’ll enjoy this book. If you love a great illustrated comic you’ll love this book. The entire concept is a lot of fun and if they build up a long enough run before we lose one of the main characters (it’s a zombie book, it’s bound to happen) it’ll be emotionally draining to read. It’s a good read and if you are looking for a new comic to pickup I can’t say enough good things about this one – at least the first issue of this one!

This should be available at your local comic shop on May 2nd 2012.