The sequel to Jessica Meigs’ groundbreaking debut first novel, The Becoming, Ground Zero does not disappoint. Set one year after the events that took place in the first book, we now see that the survivors have banded together into a relatively cohesive group.

Cade, the former IDF soldier, Brandt the soldier, Ethan the cop, Remy the knife wielding quasi-sociopath, Nikola the kid, and Theo and Gray, the brothers.

With some sequels there is always the slight pause while the reader considers that maybe the sequel won’t match up to the first book. That is not the case. Ground Zero delivers pulse pounding action, edge of your seat action and tension.

It’s a rollercoaster ride from start to finish, so strap yourself in for one hair-raising ride through a zombie apocalypse.

The group has taken refuge as far from the chaos of the Michaluk Virus as possible. It’s not until someone comes to them with a wild plan to head back to Atlanta, specifically the CDC that things go to hell fast. Escaping from their fortified safe house under the pretense that there are people still alive in Atlanta that need to be rescued and along the way they could make a quick stop at the CDC to recover data about the virus, the group encounters danger at every turn.

Losing a member of their team hits them all hard and that’s before they even get to Atlanta. The road to Atlanta becomes littered with bodies and not all of them were infected. Some of them are part of the group that we’ve all come to know. Once inside the city, shit rolls down hill as they say as the survivors encounter roads blocked by abandoned cars, snipers engaging anything and everything that moves, and the ever present threat of the infected.

The story culminates with an incredible revelation about one of the survivors, the presumed death of another and one hell of a cliffhanger. This is by far one of the best series in this genre.

Ms. Meigs writing is non-stop intense. The story never lags as we get insight into the characters first introduced in the previous book. We see how they interact with each other and at times can’t stand to be in the same room with each other.

The Becoming: Ground Zero is a definite addition to any zombiephile’s library. The storyline, plot, character and the ending is what makes this stand out from all the rest.