I know that NO ONE even thought to see this coming. With the last Resident Evil film supposed to be the last installment with Paul W.S. Anderson and Milla Jovovich we would never see them in the land that the Umbrella Corporation destroyed again. Right?

Yeah. I doubt anyone believed that for a second. It looks like the 6th installment is going to be set with a target release date of September 14th 2014 and the movie will begin filming this Fall. Not only will Paul be back in charge of the film but Milla is going to be back to killing zombies as well. It looks like The Mr X visual effects house will be doing the visual work once again.

Are you ready for another Resident Evil film? A better question is are you ready for another one starring Milla? The last one left off pretty damn open for a sequel and I’d like to see them conclude the story at the very least.