If it feels as if we first mentioned Zombie Hood years ago that would be because we did. With just over two years in the making, Director Steve Best has finally been able to release his work upon the world in his film ‘Zombie Hood’ (as well as send us a review copy) and I’m happy to say that it should have you glued to your seat in enjoyment. It takes a dedicated filmmaker to put their heart and soul into a film and while there are moments that the lower budget they had to work with did show the movie in itself was quite fun to watch. Honestly the production value was really up there for the lower budget that they did have to work with.

The film was shot in Nottingham and from what I hear (and can see while watching the movie) they make full use of the location and it’s surrounding Sherwood Forest.

The film opens and right off the bat we get zombies. Not only do we get our favorite flesh eating monsters but we get some of the worst kind imaginable – zombie children. I mean kids in horror films are always creepy but children zombies? Not fun to have to deal with at all.

We’re quickly introduced to some of the main characters such as best friends Candi (Jade Blocksidge) and Kelly (Alexandra Lyon) as well as Rik (Richard Lee O’Donnell) who keeps the funny factor right where it needs to be in the film. As they start leaving the city towards the woods we’re introduced to the rest of the cast: the senior of the group Bill (Harry Keeling) a police officer named Dermott (Ed Nudd), Melanie (Alice Joyce) whose the younger girl in the group and Sam (Tom Murton.)

As always with a group or survivors you have to have some interpersonal conflict even in the face of certain death at the hands of a zombie horde. In the ‘Dawn of the Dead’ remake we had the cop/ex-gangmember scenario and that plays out here too with Dermott and Sam having a previous history. While they didn’t have a rich, snobbish bastard for everyone to absolutely hate they did have the two best friends at odds over not working well to survive.

So yes a group of mismatched survivors make their way out of the city and into an isolated area in a last ditch effort at survival. By doing so they barely escaping the initial onslaught of the zombie plague that is spreading like wildfire. It may not be the most original vague plot concept but it’s the one that always gives a compelling story that is just fun to watch.

If you are willing to put up with the lower budget in some areas (and I suggest you do) Zombie Hood is one fun ride into the world of undead. You most likely aren’t going to be recognizing any of the actors found within as this truly is an indie film but the acting still pulls through as top notch. Honestly just the amount of zombie children alone in the film should make it worth while for most of you to watch and enjoy!

While the movie is still in film festivals we’ll be sure to let you know once it’s ready to be ordered!