BFF Zombie short film


If the key to a good zombie short is an original idea (and it is), Fedor Steer’s BFF Zombie comes out ahead of the pack. On the surface it doesn’t seem that unusual: a small group of teenage girls with typical teenage girl issues, with zombies. If you’ve watched a lot of zombie films (short or otherwise), though, it becomes clear that this is different than most, simply because it’s all about girls. Nice girls, mean girls, and in-between girls, and a plot that has nothing to do with boys. There’s no romantic sub-plot, their issues and jealousies revolve around each other. You can find a few general films like this, but I can’t think of any other zombie film quite like it.

The storyline is very basic: Two bored best friends try to think of something to do until a third texts, altering the delicate BFF balance. One of the girls dies, and comes back. You’ll have to watch the whole 20 minute film for the details.


Stuck in swampy, mosquito-ridden south Florida, Skylar faces impossible decisions, like, who should be her BFF? That becomes easier when her friend Heather gets run over. When Julie takes over BFF status, Heather comes back from the grave to wreak revenge and win back Skylar’s friendship.

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