The undead are in business.

The undead are in business.

One of my favorite booths at Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con 2013 was the Resurrect booth, located just a few feet from the great Marky Ramone. I’m kind of a sucker for unique zombie-themed products (I mean, why would I write for BZ if I wasn’t?), and the Resurrect line of hair and body products are just the kind of cool and unusual items I love.

Yes, we’re talking about zombie-themed shampoo and conditioner. Two types, actually: one, the Virus line, is for the undead, the other, the Anti-Virus line, is for survivors. Choose your side (or, as they say, “Beat or Join”), and enjoy the surprising luxury of blood-red shampoo.

Cequinne (prounounded “see-quinn”), also known as “Zombie Prom Poison Ivy,” owns the company. While the shampoos and conditioners have a gimmick, they’re also a high-quality, environmentally-friendly product that’s both organic and vegan. The product was selling for $40 for a set of 4 bottles at PCC — this isn’t White Rain repackaged with a cool label, this is a specially-made shampoo for zombie lovers.


I got a few sample bottles of both the Virus and Anti-Virus sets, and I’ve been loving them. They’re two quite different shampoos. The Virus set is for fans who like visual gore — the grapefruit-scented shampoo is bright red, and the corresponding conditioner is a sickly gray color, almost like liquified brain matter. Just to look at them, they’re awesome zombie products, but they smell great and do their jobs well. The Anti-Virus set is less gory, more medicinal, as the name implies. They’re scented with peppermint, which also gives a cool, tingly feeling when you use it. In blue and white, they don’t look as cool as the Virus line, but they make up for it by leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated after use. Just as a shampoo/conditioner, I think I prefer the Anti-Virus set, but the Virus set would be my first choice as a gift for most zombie-philes (these would make great gifts for the zombie fan who has everything). Of course, if you can’t decide, you can purchase all four in a gift box.

Cequinne - 'Zombie Prom Poison Ivy'

Cequinne – ‘Zombie Prom Poison Ivy’

The pump bottles add to the appeal of the packaging, though it may take many pumps to deliver the right amount of product. On the other hand, you’re not wasting anything. At 5.1 oz, the bottles are fairly small for the price, but you’re not going to find a similar product for cheap, especially of this quality. Purchase Resurrect online at

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