What’s Betrayal About?

Two years after the infection wiped out nearly all of mankind, the walking dead rule the lands.

One small patch of humanity endures in a small, fortified farm on the outskirts of Stryker City. Constantly surrounded by the hungering dead, the survivors are at the mercy of the Colony’s remaining marines to fly out and bring back foodstuffs, meds, and other necessities to make day by day living manageable.

And the last of the marines have just perished…

Trevor Spencer, an overconfident and undisciplined pilot, is put in charge of a new group of foragers in a desperate attempt to collect much-needed supplies. Mark Goodman and Jared Gibbs are among the group, and they are all about to discover that Stryker City holds much more than they’d ever anticipated – even a “cure” for the infection. Meanwhile, the leader of the Colony, Carol Beswith, has to do all that is within her power to keep her citizens calm, knowing all could be lost at any moment. Kimberly Turner is well-aware of the Colony’s situation, and she plans on making it out with her younger sister, Alicia, before it’s too late.

Some might think that the dead have brought the end, while others have realized that they are the catalyst which brought forth the worst in us all…

Our Betrayal Review

Michael Gardner’s book is a lot of fun. It’s a pretty darn good zombie novella that moves at a strong clip and has a wide cast of personable characters. Even though there were a lot of characters, I still had some attachment to some of them in the short time I had with them. Also, there’s one character that just pisses you off, but Gardner draws the character so well that it’s as though you can feel the guy spitting on your shoes as you’re reading, it’s awesome. I’d also like to point out to anybody reading this review that the book is available for free through Amazon, so get your copy now for the awesome price of nothing.

Also, the opening paragraph hooks you right in. I’ve read a lot of zombie books, but a surprising number of them failed to hook me in on the first chapter, but Betrayal’s opening—simply put—is awesome.

The writing is good. The author knows how to handle gore well, and his ability to create likeable characters is even stronger. You can definitely tell that Gardner is in his comfort zone when he’s writing his actions scenes, because all of the fighting scenes in the book were top-notch and very entertaining.

Overall: This is a different kind of zombie novella with a lot of entertainment value and it’s a lot of fun. The characters are real, and the action is well choreographed. Even though this is a novella, there is a lot story packed in those pages. This story is well worth your time and I highly recommend it.

Where can you get Betrayal?

Betrayal is available for free on Amazon from Thursday, August 15th to Saturday, August 17th. Get your free copy now!

About Kevin Walsh

Kevin Walsh is an insane and disturbed individual with an appetite for anything zombie related. He's an avid reader and reviewer of horror fiction. Between reading, reviewing and stalking the nightly streets of Prescott, Ontario, he finds time to work on his own crazy writing projects. Kevin's first zombie novel, The Way of All Flesh, will be published by Crowded Quarantine Publications on July 2nd, 2013. He welcomes anybody to contact him via facebook or email to talk about zombies, hockey (How Canadian) and the genius of padded-rooms.