Now, here’s something for zombiephile who has everything: a fully detailed, beautifully-presented (well, if you prefer a zombie aesthetic, which we assume you do) Zombie Will. As in your last will and testament, complete with death directives, drawn up by an experienced estate planner and delivered via a blood-spattered DeadEx mailer.

Just answer a few questions as creatively as you like (Zombie Wills are just for fun, of course), and Walker Bleedum & Payne will do the rest. Having gotten my hands on one, I can tell you, this is a cool item, from the comprehensive paperwork to the slick design (plus a couple of stickers as a bonus).

So, who came up with the idea for a zombie will? His name is Eric Gullotta, he really is an attorney, and he was kind enough to answer a few of our questions.

BZ:  How did the idea for Zombie Wills come about?

Eric G: The concept was conceived at a social event where I, as an attorney, and another partner in our business venture were talking.  He actually came up with the idea and I thought it was ridiculous.  Then, we saw zombie insurance was a hot selling item and that it was a novelty based on reality.  We then put the concept into motion and created the zombie will.

BZ: The packaging (including the amazing DeadEx envelope) is a big part of what makes Zombie Wills cool. Who is behind the designs?

Eric G: Jason Bland is our art director.  He and his team created all the visuals.  He even hid some art in the folder itself… he is truly an amazing talent

BZ: Have you gotten any especially wild requests for preferred ways to die if infected?

Eric G: The best request for death has to be “I want to be slowly disemboweled by hermit crabs” but Richard Christy of the Howard Stern show opted for “BEING BEAT TO DEATH WITH A BOTTLE OF SOUTHERN TIER PUMKING BEER”.  My favorite burial location request was for someone who opted not to be buried but rather stuffed and used as a decoy.  I thought that was quite clever.

BZ: Who should consider an un-living will?

Eric G: Any zombie fan will have fun with it.  I think it makes a great gift for the zombie lover in all of our lives. Who wouldn’t want to receive the DeadEx shipping envelope? When you get it, you are dying (get it) to see what’s inside!

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