Looking for a new zombie-themed game for your phone or tablet? Get ready for Big Fish Games’ Zombie Zombie Zombie (or Zx3 for short), a fast-paced app game where players face a horde of the undead in an urban setting. The game offers two modes: fight your way out of the city with your gang of survivors, or play continuously and survive as long as you can. Your weapons include rabid dogs, and the game promises over-the-top undead bosses at every level. Check out the trailer above, and go to bigfishgames.com/daily/zombie/ to sign up to receive an email when Zx3 releases.

Zx3 is a fast-paced apocalyptic thriller brimming with explosive zombie matching action. Think quick, shoot quicker, and fight for your life against endless waves of undead. Can you survive? Use your wits, and an arsenal of weaponry and power-ups to blast your way to freedom!

zombies x3

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