Zombie girlMany believe that a forthcoming zombie apocalypse is the planet’s impending doom. Survivors must kill or be killed. In the event of a zombie outbreak, if you want to not die, you need to survive. To survive, is not to die. A zombie-prevention arsenal full of supplies and weapons will help keep you from being eaten, and dying. Here are 5 essential tools that will keep you as part of the living if the “Dawn of the Dead” becomes a reality.


A firearm takes down zombies quickly so you can get to refuge. Don’t forget that while you pack a firearm, you must also pack ammunition. A real-life zombie apocalypse isn’t a video game where large ammo stock piles are conveniently placed here and there. As you learn how to efficiently and properly pack and store ammo, brush up on your hunting skills as well. As a zombie hunter and survivor, you’ll have the training and skills to handle firearms, aim at targets and even gather food.

Melee Weapon

Sure, shot guns, machine guns, hand guns, and other firearms are helpful when zombies are at a distance. But equip yourself with a good melee weapon to fall back on. How many times have players in “Left 4 Dead” depended too heavily on their firearms during an attack by the hoard? Having a good melee weapon for close combat is a life-saving essential. Baseball bats, axes and machetes will also help beat those flesh eaters.

Medical Supplies

Even if all you can grab is a half-used box of band aids and a bottle of aspirin, any type of medical aid helps. Store basic medical supplies to treat infested wounds. Rags, bandages and even alcohol can clean wounds while your surviving troupe is on the move.

Communication Devices

Naturally, you’ll rely on your cell phone for emergency communication, which is fine. As back up, have durable communication devices on hand, like a radio or walkie talkie. Radio waves will continue to broadcast even if every cell tower in the country is pulverized. Most likely military bases and safe houses will use radio to communicate with one another.

Artificial Light Source

If you can start a fire with two sticks, you’re in a good position. But a flash light, batteries and matches can also help prevent your demise. You will appreciate a flashlight and plenty of batteries as you try to keep your footing while escaping through a dark forest or abandoned city in search of safe shelter. Matches can also help you start fires for staying warm, cooking food and sterilizing water.

Now you’re prepared. God speed.