The overdone cake decoration craze has spawned countless reality shows…one of which is sadly finding its way into my hometown, but I digress. Now, I’m not knocking the skill and talent involved in making these insane cakes, but the whole thing feels a bit too “Super Sweet 16” for my taste, furthermore I really, reaaaalllllyyy don’t like reality TV. Hell, one of these cakes even showed up at Christie’s reelection celebration in New Jersey…I’ll just take the 5th on that one…

But leave it to the zombie genre to prove me wrong. The Tattooed Bakers created a zombie horse cake for the opening of Miss Cakehead’s Feed The Beast cake shop, which features a wide array of slightly unsettling, but delicious treats. The horse cake took over 200 hours to complete and was made from red velvet cake. The attention to gore and detail was impressive to say the least, so I’m just going to let the pictures speak for themselves. One interesting facet of the delectably dead cake is the steady supply of Kraken Rum flowing from its nostrils. Because let’s be honest – if you’re going to eat a dead horse you should probably be wasted.


Via: Technabob.

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