What’s ‘A New World: Takedown’ About?

The Dice Are Cast…
Death Watches and Waits

The sanctuary walls were breached and through them poured screaming hordes of night runners. About to be overrun, the survivors formed a last stand against the thousands that threatened to end their existence. Inexplicably, the night runners, who were on the verge of taking one of the last vestiges of humanity, departed, carrying the limp body of Lynn with them.
Communications with the compound failed as Jack was out searching for additional survivors, leaving him unaware of what was happening at home. A tragedy sends him rushing back where he learns about the attack and Lynn being taken. Not knowing if she’s alive or dead, he sets off in search for her.
A mysterious image is sent setting forth a confrontation with Sandra, the female night runner responsible for the attack on the sanctuary. Is Lynn alive or is this some elaborate trap? Jack will put everything on the line in order to find out.

When logical reasoning fails…
Insanity must be expected

Our ‘A New World: Takedown’ Review

Takedown is book 7 in O’Brien’s New World series. The book opens to a Night Runner attack on the survivor’s stronghold. In the previous books, the reader has been slowly putting the pieces together that the Night Runners, they’re not zombies, are genetically mutated Cape Town Flu survivors. Well, not really survivors but people who were inoculated with the vaccine that then changed them on a genetic level into a Night Runner. They have become herd/pack like with some kind of mental ability to ‘sense’ and even converse with each other. And being out in the sunlight can kill them, hence the Night Runner label.

With these abilities, they can coordinate their actions which are never a good thing when dealing with cannibalistic, genetically mutated infected humans. Former Special Operations soldier, Captain Jack Walker has gathered family, friends, loved ones and fellow survivors from literally all over the world into his or rather their mutually shared enclave. During the day they work to fortify their facility and send out teams looking for other survivors and to forage for supplies. At night the group hunkers down and waits for the dawn. With the addition of locating serviceable aircraft, Walker and some of his team have taken to the skies at night to search for the Night Runners den. This is in addition to using the aircraft to fly around the country searching for other survivors.

It’s during one of the long range searches that the Night Runners attack Walker’s compound. Kind of like when the cat’s away, the mice will play type event. Walker, injured in a Night Runner attack in a previous book, has somehow gained the ability to sense other Night Runners and crudely communicate with them. This comes in handy on occasion when he or his team wants to enter a building.

When Lynn, the love of his life, is captured instead of being killed by the Night Runners, Walker realizes that their intelligence level is above that of a pack animal. Using all his skills to infiltrate the Runner hive, Walker risks it all to save Lynn. In the meantime, Lynn makes a shocking discovery about the Night Runners.

Written by a real-world former Special Operations soldier and former fighter aircraft instructor, the New World series is chock full of military hardware, accurate weapons use and a look at life in a world changed by an influenza outbreak. If you haven’t the New World by John O’ Brien, go get it, you won’t be disappointed.

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