What’s Project S.E.R.A. About?

A young woman wakes up in an abandoned warehouse as armed soldiers torture her father with an experimental biological weapon.

Our Project S.E.R.A. Review

I just realized we have a slew of short films we haven’t had a chance to review and am slowly trying to catch up on all of them. This creative piece of work by Ben Howdeshell has since been turned into a web series with 6 episode out that expand on it’s work, but right now I’ll just be taking a look at the 10 minutes of fun that started it all.

Project S.E.R.A. is one of those short films that you are going to love and hate to watch. You are going to love it as you’ll be enjoying every moment of it until the very end. At the end you are going to hate and despise it initially. Not because you didn’t enjoy the end but due to the fact that it’s already over and after only ten minutes! Fortunately as I mentioned above there is a web series that’ll let you continue enjoying it for a bit longer.

The entire film has a great look, sound, and a nice little twist for bringing the undead into play. While zombies are of course an issue it’s an interesting look at the men behind the looming apocalypse. The short also stars Julia Voth (‘Bitch Slap’) as Gillian Eames, Dennis Keiffer (‘Iron Man 3′,’Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’) as General Eames, and Victor Webster (‘Embrace of the Vampire’,’Continuum’) as Bryan. When I mention that it has a great look I should probably point out that it’s visual effects team have worked on films such as ‘Wanted’, ‘Night Watch’, ‘X-Men: The Last Stand’, and quite a few other such films. So there’s a reason on why it looks so good.

While much of the external plot is told through a flashback about Gillian and her father the main portion is told as her father, the General, has discovered a plot to steal a biological experiment. It had been created initially to help heal soldiers but it didn’t work as plan and now is a biological weapon that makes the equivalent of zombies. The General is captured and is bring tortured to reveal what he knows and when he won’t talk they take in Gillian to torture in front of him for his information.

A general’s daughter clearly isn’t going to be a timed little princess and has to help save the day.

You can watch the webisodes to find out more about where they went with the idea right here. While the plot isn’t 110% original in the world of zombies it’s still well made and fun to watch. I’d love to see the short and webseries fleshed out in a full length feature production at some point.

One can only hope.