Well this is something you are going to need to know if the event of a zombie apocalypse since traveling in the cold will already be dangerous but you’ll need to keep your dwelling warm on top of that!

In the midst of winter, it’s hard not to notice the chillness in the air and long dark nights. Many find this time of year to be cozy and exciting, while others bundle up and find any excuse to stay inside. Cranking up the heat in our homes will not only keep us warm, however—it may consequently also drain our wallet. Here are some simple solutions to avoid excessive electricity bills while still stay comfortable all winter long.

1. Install Weather Stripping

Weather strips are among the most inexpensive way to keep the cold air from sneaking into our homes. By installing weather strips along the windows, it will not only keep the cold air out, it will also help maintain consistent temperatures inside and demand less work from your heater. These strips can be found at the local hardware store and are easy to install.

2. Use Rugs and Floor Mats

Photo by Dinner Series via Flickr

Rugs and mats will not only make your home more decorative, it is also the best way to keep your feet warm during the winter… and when your feet are warm, the rest of you stays nice and cozy too!

3. Turn to More Home Cooking

If the winter months haven’t already inspired you to break out some of your favorite baking and cooking recipes, here’s one more reason: Heat from your oven and stove will help spread warmth throughout your home. What’s better than a house that smells of home-baked goods and is perfectly warmed throughout the space too?

4. Install Radiators

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If you have radiators or are considering installing some throughout your home, it is a fairly inexpensive way to keep your home warm. This route can be pricey upfront, but can help save money in the long run. Be sure to keep your radiator clean at all times to ensure it runs at its highest efficiency, and be cautious of where you place it: For safety reasons, do not position your radiator behind furniture or block it in any way—both scenarios could produce too much heat in one space, making it a potential fire hazard.

5. Keep windows covered

Custom Window treatments such as heavy blinds, shades, cellular shades and shutters are a great way to keep your home warm during this season and block out the cold. Many window treatments offer a variety of colors and textures, making it simple to swap out during the seasons. For example, you may select a heavier, darker shade during the window months to help insulate the rooms, whereas you may opt for something lighter and airier in the summertime to invite the sun rays into your room. Find something that complements your room’s style and enjoy the added energy-saving benefits!