What’s ‘A New World: Conspiracy’ About?

A shot taken…
A new enemy revealed…

Lynn has been rescued from deep within the heart of a night runner lair. The answer why she was taken remains a mystery. Sandra lies in a pool of her own blood ending her desperate measures to draw Jack to her. As Red Team celebrates their joy of Lynn’s freedom, they are unaware that a sight is centered on them from afar. A bullet tears through the air, streaking their way.

Harold discovers information that stuns the small group of survivors and further threatens their fragile handhold on existence. They have overcome one challenge only to find that a new, more dangerous one replaces it. There’s more to this new world than Jack ever suspected.

With only a single team at his disposal, Greg is sent to continue the search for survivors. Separated from the group and unable to call for help, the small group must journey along lonely and perilous back roads in the hope of finding family members. In the end, Greg must decide between saving others and the safety of his team. Meanwhile, with the crew anxious to get home, Captain Leonard sails down the western seaboard to search for answers as he struggles to come to grips with the world.

The group tries to stay one step ahead but there’s trouble infiltrating from the north. And Michael is stirring from within the depths of his lair.

The winds of change are blowing…

Our ‘A New World: Conspiracy’ Review!

Conspiracy is Book 8 in O’Brien’s New World series. Following the events that took place in Book 7, Takedown, Walker is faced with the loss of one of their own while trying to stay alive and track down a shadow group that has managed to stay hidden and alive in the aftermath of the Night Runner infection.

Faced with a lack of hard intel on an enemy that is bent on removing Walker and his group, Walker must deal with the death of a close friend, plan a mission to search for survivors, communicate with what could possibly be the last US Naval asset still functioning and keep the survivors focused on staying alive.

All through this series we’ve been getting little insights into the Night Runners and how they operate and communicate with each other. In the last few books, the readers have been shocked and awed as to the level of intelligence they have shown. These are not stupid, predatory animals; these are thinking, killing, hunting machines. The Night Runners are actively seeking out uninfected humans. Their goal is to eradicate the two-legged ones by any means possible.

Jack Walker, former Special Operations soldier and hard-core survivor, deploys on a mission to search for other survivors that are related to one of his group. Along the way, he has to come to terms with the fact there is another group out there that has remained hidden and quiet all this time. Not only has this shadow group remained hidden, they appear to have resources that enable them to track Walker’s movements, make contact with the Santa Fe, the Los Angeles attack submarine that made its presence known in a previous book, and send personnel out into the desolate, Night Runner infected world to track and kill those that it deems to be a threat.

Conspiracy switches back and forth between Walker’s mission and those of the shadow group; we get an insight to the group’s motivations and goals. We also see that they haven’t weathered the Night Runner storm unscathed. As the plot evolves, the connection between the group, the Cape Town Flu outbreak, Walker and the end result begin to solidify.

Without posting any spoilers, let’s just say that there’s a connection to all of them and it’s not what you think.

A New World: Conspiracy is Book 8 in John O’Brien’s series. Pick it up today.

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