What Is ‘Cockneys vs Zombies’ About?

When some down-on-their-luck old timers are at risk of losing their home to developers, a group of young, inept criminals decide to take matters into their own hands. The only thing standing in their way? A zombie outbreak in London!

Our ‘Cockneys vs Zombies’ Review

‘Cockneys vs Zombies’ is the first major film directed and written by up and comer Matthias Hoene. We open the film with a group of young bank robbers who are modern day Robin Hoods. Well to a point. One of them is a hardcore gang member and the rest are just trying to get the funds to make an anonymous donation to the leader’s father’s old folks home. The place is going out of business and they want to find a way to keep it open and this seems to be it.

Things ‘mostly’ go well until in the middle of it we see that a zombie outbreak is going on from a nearby burial ground that had been opened up. Oh yea, zombie curse that brings forth the undead.

While they are on the run from the cops they also have a few hostages, one of them which is getting friendly with the robbers while another can’t keep his mouth shut long enough to stay alive. He somehow does though, for much more of the film than he had any right to.

Still we see quite a bit of the robbers vs the undead as well as those who are surviving in the old folks home fighting zombies. There are some great scenes to be found within and some great humor though some of it was probably a bit too British for my taste.

This is not a perfect zombie movie but it’s not something you’ll regret picking up to check out. I think if they had kept the entire book focused on the old folks the film would have worked out being quite a bit better. Still, it’s worth a view.

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