cargoZombie movies, be they long or short, have one thing in common, zombies. Duh, right? Well, I kind of felt like it was worth saying it because that’s about where the similarities cease. Beyond the obvious things get a little more difficult. I love zombie movies, and I’ll admit that bar I set for most is pretty low, yet somehow there never seems to be a shortage of movies that stumble over said bar and snap their rotted ankles.

Now before you start accusing me of only liking big budget Hollywood zombie flicks, let me say that I most definitely do not judge a movie by its budget or cast. There are some great short zombie films, made on shoestring budgets that are incredible. I just like my zombie movies to make a certain degree of sense and maybe have a little something to say. Cargo is just such a movie.

Cargo has been wandering around the web for a while now, so chances are you’ve probably already seen it. If you haven’t, go fix that now. Cargo is short, clocking in around seven minutes, so I won’t spend time on spoilers and plot. It’s got a great story, good editing and solid acting, so what else do you need?

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H.E. Goodhue is an author and educator. Goodhue's series, Zombie Youth (Severed Press) has been called “unrelenting”, “thrilling and exciting” by both fellow authors and literary critics. Goodhue is also the author of Pink Slime, Love Bug and the soon to be released, Tidal Grave and Dry Rot. H.E. Goodhue currently resides in New Jersey with his wife, daughter and two hardheaded pitbulls.