What is Hell’s Warehouse you are probably asking yourself? Well it’s a piece of downloadable equipment for ‘Warehouse and Logistics Manager’. Wait, Huh? Yes, this is a zombie themed downloadable content for a game where you play a forklift driver in charge of a logistics warehouse. How does that fit with zombies you ask? HOW WOULDN’T IT?!

About the Game

This is not going to be a typical shift at the distribution center. Something sinister is creeping through the aisles and climbing the racks of this devilish depot and it’s up to you to battle this zombie apocalypse!

The warehouse floor has been transformed into your arena – so toss out the safety rules and standard procedures! Here’s a game where you must go postal to survive and win! Use forklifts to blast these deadheads and tear them to pieces.

Do you have what it takes to stop this zombie assault? Show the undead who’s the boss! Because this is one workshift you must finish – your life depends on it!


  • Ingenious horror in B-Movie Style
  • Different, detailed 3D-Scenarios like supermarkets, harbors, and construction sites
  • Realistic equipment models and a wide range of weapons, bombs, and mines to choose from
  • Packed with a variety of tasks
  • Exciting Modes like the survival mode

You can check it out on Steam!