Marriage is full of difficult questions, the least of which involve zombies. Till death do us part? How do the undead fit into those vows? Are the dead trying to part you and your love? Or are the two of you planning on cutting a few parts off death? Well, now you can make your stand and statement with your wedding cake topper.

I’ve been to my share of weddings and I’ll be honest, I’ve see some truly awful, I mean AWFUL, customized cake toppers. I’m all for expressing yourself, I mean it’s your day, so do you. But what the hell does a giraffe with a unicorn head say about you and your love? Anyway, I digress. As with most things in life, if you add zombies it becomes exponentially better. So why not do that with your wedding cake?

Head on over to, upload a few pictures and get yourself a customized zombie-themed cake topper complete with chainsaw.


About H. E. Goodhue

H.E. Goodhue is an author and educator. Goodhue's series, Zombie Youth (Severed Press) has been called “unrelenting”, “thrilling and exciting” by both fellow authors and literary critics. Goodhue is also the author of Pink Slime, Love Bug and the soon to be released, Tidal Grave and Dry Rot. H.E. Goodhue currently resides in New Jersey with his wife, daughter and two hardheaded pitbulls.